The Life and Death of Christ

What's the Least I Can Believe?Starting in April 2015, for seven weeks, I’ll be teaching a class based (loosely) on Martin Theilen’s What’s the Least I Can Believe and Still be a Christian? at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center. The class is designed to cut through the clutter and excess focus on non-essentials and renew our faith with clear focus on the essentials.

Week 5 non-essential: Types of Baptism. The essential: The Life & Death of Christ

Right Click and Save As… the pdf and the mp3 for the full experience:

Worksheet | Audio

In classes like these, we don’t always have time to cover everything we could. Fortunately, I’ve covered this topic previously. In a previous class, Has God Spoken?, I spent a whole class time demonstrating proof of the Historicity of Jesus using only non-Biblical sources. You can download the pdf from the earlier post, and click the link to download that class audio.

Why baptism? from the perspective of former Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll check out this video. This follow up video answers the question if Baptism is required for salvation.

For a (very long and thorough) debate on infant baptism between John MacArthur (against) and R.C. Sproul (for), click this video and listen in. If you have two hours on your hand it’s pretty indicative of the two sides to this issue.

In a perspective on the One Minute Apologist webcast, Dr. Bobby Conway speaks on whether or not someone must to be baptized to be saved, watch this clip.


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