The Historicity of Jesus

has-god-spokenThis term at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center, I’m teaching Has God Spoken? a class on how to interpret the Bible correctly and also how we know we can trust the Bible.

In week one, we start with the most important question: did Jesus really exist ? If he didn’t, or we couldn’t prove, it then there really isn’t any reason to study the Bible. But if we can prove he is real, along with belief in his deity and the basic outline of his life, were all believed at the start of Christianity – not later beliefs added hundreds of years after his death, as some doubters claim – then our study of the Bible carries additional weight and importance.

In week one of this study I’ll show that Jesus and basic facts and beliefs about his life (like his virgin birth, miracles, death and resurrection) are verifiably, historically provable without using the Bible… and using no Christian sources!

If you have trouble streaming the audio, then right-click it and download the MP3. Contact me if you can’t get the audio to work and I’ll send it to you.

Has God Spoken w1 audio.
Has God Spoken w1 worksheet.


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