You Are Not a Christian Just Because You Like Jesus

Really-300x150Here is week 2 of the Am I Really a Christian? series I’m teaching at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center. It is based on the study of the same name by Mike McKinley, which I highly recommend.

Download the worksheet then the audio and follow along! You comments are welcome here or at Facebook.

Week Two: You are not a Christian Just Because You Like Jesus.
Worksheet Week 2
Audio Week 2
(If you click the link and it doesn’t start playing in your media player, try right clicking the link and saving as… “Really a Christian w2.MP3” Let me know if it doesn’t work.)


Am I Really a Christian?

Really-300x150Starting this week I’ll be teaching a class at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center called “Am I Really a Christian?” It’s based in large part on a personal study of the same name by Mike McKinley and also on the fictional book Night of the Living Dead Christan by Matt Mikalatos.

The study is challenging and important because it’s obvious that many people who think they are Christians really aren’t. That’s the most important issue for each of us for all eternity and we need to be straight on what it really means to be a Christian and how that definition isn’t up to us.

After each week’s lesson, I’ll post the audio (MP3) and the worksheets (pdf) here at I encourage anyone who thinks that they are a Christian to work through this study with prayer and honest introspection.

Week One: You are not a Christian because you say so.
Worksheet Week 1
Audio Week 1