Divinely Undivine

Let me ask you a question.

How many people here would say that they read the Bible more than they watch TV? More than you read books? More than you watch movies or listen to music? How many people would say that you read the Bible more than all those things combined?
We have a problem!
The Word of the Lord is a lamp for us to see where we are going. How are we to see where we are going if we are overwhelmed with all these other things and we don’t have enough time for the Word?
Dwen was a researcher of planetary religion who was traveling with Dr. McCoy (from the original Star Trek – you know, “Bones,” left) to speak on other planets. Spock joined McCoy and Dwen for dinner one night where Spock commented that he didn’t believe in magic or faith. Dwen said she could prove it. So she prophesied over Spock and McCoy.
She prophesied that Spock would die and possibly one other person who he was close to.
At the end of the book, Dwen made a choice to sacrifice herself for McCoy and Spock to live. (If you want to know how – read the book.)
McCoy is profoundly affected when he realizes that he should have died but someone else died in his place. He is moved to live a better life. He wants to save as many people as possible (after all, he is a doctor.)
He wants Dwen’s sacrifice to mean something – so he decides to live in such a way as to prove that her death matters.
He knows that he will never be worth her dying; he will never be able to make it up to her. But he is going to try.
Romantic, huh?
Dwen isn’t Jesus. But Dwen’s sacrifice echoes Jesus’.
In our culture, we are surrounded by stories on TV, movies, comic books, regular books or in music where people overcome evil, change their lives for good, sacrifice themselves.
You may even be one of these stories.
I’m reminded of some of your personal stories on Facebook. How you overcome adversity.
These stories are testimonies. They testify to something. McCoy’s pain and resolution to do right by Dwen’s sacrifice is a testimony to Dwen’s memory. It shows the reader the right way to handle pain.
In other words: it lights our path.
I’m not saying that pop culture stories replace the Bible. In fact I am saying just the opposite!
I am saying is that sometimes we get a glimpse of something in our every day life that reminds us of God and how He wants us to live our lives.
Here is the catch: we only get that glimpse if we are looking for it.
When I read this Star Trek book I wasn’t expecting anything but an adventure. But when I got to the page we read just now I immediately made the connection to Jesus’ sacrifice. I was reminded of Jesus.
“Whenever you break bread do it in remembrance of me.” Jesus said, in as boring and every day task such as eating, to be reminded of Him in what we do. Bread reminds us of Jesus. Drinking juice reminds us of Jesus.
Star Trek reminded me of Jesus. In a normal, boring every day moment I got a glimpse of Heaven.
That’s how we are asked to live out every day life – with God in mind.
We may not be able to read the Bible 24×7. But we can dwell on the Word of the Lord, on His sacrifice, on His love while we do anything we do.
That’s my challenge to us all today. Remember God in whatever you are doing.