A Jar of Blessings

I was talking to my wife tonight about this blog and she brought up something I thought was relevant. I’m not writing this blog like I do with my normal blog. This is anonymous. I’m not telling any of my friends about it. I’m not advertising it. This is for me. And if you read this then maybe God wanted it to be for you as well.

What she told me that was interesting was that she had just heard the idea of writing down every blessing from God and putting it in a jar and then at the end of the year reading the papers to remind ourself of God’s goodness. While I hadn’t considered the specifics that is exactly what I’m doing here. I want to write these blessings down so I don’t forget them and so I learn to trust God in the future by remembering the tangible ways he has taken care of me in the past.

This isn’t a new idea. In fact, the reason that the Bible exists is primarily for this purpose. Trusting God is a lot easier when we remember what he has done for us!

So welcome to my virtual Jar of Blessings!