Sweater Sale

I’ve been listing things on eBay for extra money. I listed a sweater I got last year but never wore. It closed today for $20! It isn’t much but when you need money $20 is much better than a sweater in the closet taking up space!

Thank God for eBay, the person who gave me the sweater, and for the person who bought it! May they all be blessed!


Phone Sold in 2 Hours

I just got paid and it looked bad for the budget. Thanksgiving had wreaked havoc on the money and I needed cash so I started listing things on eBay. I listened a mobile phone on a 7 day listing at $89 with a buy it now of $150. Within 2 hours it was sold at the buy it now price and the payment was received!

That money will be a huge blessing to us as we prepare for Christmas and a New Year trip to see friends. Thank God for the provision of the phone itself (which I got for free a few months ago) and for the quick sale!

Free Chicken

A Tennessee favorite (and nationally recognized) chicken place is celebrating its one year anniversary in our area with free chicken! So we took the family and ate for about half (that is to say a savings of about $35-40!)

Thank God for the deal, for the chicken place – that is the best! – and for friends sharing the knowledge of the deal!

For more info check it put here.

Grocery Refund

While on vacation a couple weeks ago I bought a watermelon (at vacation prices: $8!) but it was completely overripe. Being a day’s drive away I almost gave up on it and took the loss. Instead, I sent an email to the grocery and explained the situation and they called me today and offered a double refund over the phone! $16 credited to my bank account in the next couple days! Thank God!

Radiator Down

Vacation was supposed to start that night – a nice trip to Myrtle Beach. To get ready I got the tires rotated and went to get the oil changed. At the oil place the guy said to me, “Looks like we won’t be changing the oil today… come check this out.” My radiator was destroyed!

Thank God I have a friend from church who owns a mechanic shop (and who we have to visit far too often!) who assured me he could get it taken care of before we were supposed to leave. The cost? $560.

If you’ve followed this blog you know that we had to scramble to raise even the money for gas for this trip – yard sales, online sales, eBay, Craigslist, selling to friends. How on earth could we pay for this? Another blessing: my friend told me I could pay him when I got paid in nearly two weeks!

But how will I pay it? Here’s the deal: there is no way we should have had enough money to pay for this. But when I got paid there was. Yeah, things are very, very tight. But I was able to pay the mechanic and I was able to take the family on vacation (most frugal vacation ever!) How? I really don’t know. Seriously. I did the accounts again and again and when I try to tally up the math I don’t know how the ends are meeting but they are.

Thank God for making things work even when I don’t understand and even when I didn’t think He could (or would.)

Garage Sale Success

Over the last two days we’ve had a yard sale trying to raise funds for a budget short fall due to our upcoming vacation. God blessed our effort with over $300 in sales! We then donated at least that value in goods to the Goodwill spreading the love. Our home is less cluttered, we are closer to our budget goal, we got to hang out with family and we donated a bunch… blessings all around!

Importantly, my stress is a little down. I’ll be honest: I didn’t see any way we are going to make the budget. But here we are only a couple hundred from making it and having a vacation! Thank you God! And I’m sorry I’m such a doubter.

Bank Fee Refund

Yesterday we ended up spending a few dollars more than we had – not on purpose. Fortunately we got paid today so we never did go negative. But we were charged a $25 because it was authorized without enough money. I called the bank to ask about it and they offered to credit it! I didn’t even have to ask!

Thank God!

Online Sales

I’ve been listing a bunch of stuff on eBay this last couple weeks and finally some are selling! So far I’ve had an audio book sell and just now someone bought a wireless router (for the Buy It Now price!) I have about 30 listings as I try to raise funds for our family too next week and so far 6 more are selling for over a hundred dollars!

Thank you God!

Coffee Maker Sale & Blessing

I have a trip coming up but dont really have the money for it. I mentioned to a friend art work that I have a Krueger coffee maker during in my cabinet art home that I dont use. She immediately offered $25. My first thought was, “no way! This is an expensive machine!” Then I remembered that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. $25 I’d better than nothing. So I sold it to her.

She promptly set it up in our common area and my co-workers bought coffee for it and creamer and purified water and all the sudden the culture of the area changed. People are brewing coffee and cheerful. And now I know how God worked this out (so far) for mine and my friend’s good. Blessings all around!

Thank you God for helping us put and for helping me release a little this hesitancy to sell when the value doesn’t seem right to me. I’ve got to accept that the bake I place on things ifs not the the value because I can’t see the whole picture.

I hope this coffee maker is a blessing to this department long after I’m gone!