Truck Sold!

One of the things I’ve kinda known in my gut – even before going through Financial Peace University – was that my truck was to expensive. So I put out up for sale on the internet. After several months I got an offer that is more of a blessing than I could have imagined!

The Christian guy and I spoke on the phone that first time for about 40 minutes about God, church, Francis Chan, and more. After meeting him and seeing his offer I recognize that this is a blessing that could only come from God and a man willing to be a blessing in God’s behalf. He will pay off my truck and also give me an old, beat up truck that seats six, has four doors and rings well!

Good is very good! And that’s debt number one gone.


1/2 Price Date Night

I decided to take my wife out on a date tonight to one of her favorite Mexican food places. It was bustling! We were a party of two, though, so got seated right away. We ordered and then waited. And waited. We were served our food by someone other than our waiter and then all through dinner no one came to check on us but this other guy. Our drinks were left unfilled and we were starting to make jokes about where our waitress went.

Finally, I asked the guy who kept coming over if he were the manager. He was one. I explained that our waitress had never come back to us since we placed our order. He immediately apologized and offered to take off half our check saying that he wants us to come back. I told him we definitely would and we love the place. Then he asked if we had ever tried their famous dessert. We had not because we are always too full to order dessert. Then he said he would get us one on him to try because it was the best!

Maybe dinner didn’t go how we planned it. We didn’t get drink refills. We had some frustration over waiting for a waitress who never came back. But in the end we got a half price dinner and a free dessert (that really was the best!)

Now I’m going to send in feedback to praise this manager who made our date night awesome! Thank him and thank God!

Printer Networking Job

Like earlier this week, the small business that I used to work on their computers for free called me up and asked me to come out and fix their printer issues. None of the network printers would print. It took an hour yesterday and an hour today but we got the network working and all the printers work again. And I got paid for two hours of tech support! Big blessing!

Some may say, “How was that a blessing for the business?” Sometimes bad things come up and I’m not sure how they work out. But this one is easier. Because I charge the business such a cheap hourly rate they got everything fixed for less than half the cost of the local shop or big box tech support store. The printer network issue happened – who knows why? – but they were blessed to have an inexpensive tech guy come and fix it immediately and I was blessed to make a little money to help make ends meet.

Thank God!

Virus & Malware Removal Job

One of my close personal friends works at a small business where they often have technical problems. Previously I’ve set up their wireless network, connected network printers, cleaned and repaired and fixed their computers numerous times. Recently I asked them to have the business pay for my services. I thought of it like this: would one of my friends do something for the company I worked at for free – something of significant value – simply because I worked there? Very likely not. So I thought it would be fair to set a reasonable (low) rate for them and if they needed me I’d come fix things. Today I got my first job. Completed Malware / Virus shut down!

It took two hours but I fixed it and got everything working and I made a small sum (that makes a big difference for my budget!) and the company got a very good deal on the rate and a fixed computer. Blessings all around!

Birthday Presents

My wife got her birthday present in the mail today. When it was coming up to her birthday I wasn’t actually able to spend any money on her. But recently at work I had taken on an additional task that had really paid off for the business and at the beginning of December my business decided to recognize me with $100 in unexpected gift certificate money! Spending time together is one of my wife’s favorite things. Another is a mozzarella tomato sandwich at a chain restaurant. So I spent that $100 on a pile of gift cards to restaurants that we could go spend date night at and also 3 or 4 visits to get that special sandwich!

She loved that gift but there was another that she loved even more. She has a 90-year-old grandmother who she visits once a year. This year we were not going to be able to buy the tickets because of our tight budget. But several unexpected financial bonuses came in all in December that allowed us to buy that ticket for her!

God is good!