Huge Discount on Chiropractic

I’m a big fan of chiropractic. I’ve been going (with my family) to the same doctor for the last two years. The way it works is that we go 1-2 times a week (all of us) paid for in a lump sum at the start of the year. Our year is up at the end of the month and frankly we don’t have the kind of money it would take to keep going – especially after doing Dave Ramsey’s course and trying to budget like we are.  I’d come to the conclusion that if the chiropractor charged the same as he did last year ($3000, which is already $500 below the normal price) we would not be able to keep going as it was more than our maxed out Spending Account and we don’t have the money out of pocket.

I visited today and was getting adjusted and the topic of why my family hadn’t come and explained that they didn’t want to keep coming and then have to quit at the end of the month. I told him about the Spending Account laws changing and explained I didn’t have the $3000 this year.

Praise God he told me that he was making a decision right then that he would lower it for us to the $2500 Spending Account limit and wanted me to get my family in right away! After thanking him again I called my wife who was ecstatic!