Tail Lamp

My wife told me the tail lamp went out in our van this week. Sure, I could have come up with the $5 to buy the part but I didn’t have to.

I had a bulb from an old truck of mine (number was off from the van bulb of 3057; I had 3157) but it worked. I needed a special five star large screwdriver and had a bit in a rusty set a neighbor gave me a year ago. Having had my share of old cars that needed work I had the experience necessary to change the bulb safely. Five minutes later and it’s done.

This isn’t a miracle. But it’s another example of God working things out for my good. I want to remember to thank God in these kinds of everyday blessings. So, thank you God!


Sweater Sale

I’ve been listing things on eBay for extra money. I listed a sweater I got last year but never wore. It closed today for $20! It isn’t much but when you need money $20 is much better than a sweater in the closet taking up space!

Thank God for eBay, the person who gave me the sweater, and for the person who bought it! May they all be blessed!

Phone Sold in 2 Hours

I just got paid and it looked bad for the budget. Thanksgiving had wreaked havoc on the money and I needed cash so I started listing things on eBay. I listened a mobile phone on a 7 day listing at $89 with a buy it now of $150. Within 2 hours it was sold at the buy it now price and the payment was received!

That money will be a huge blessing to us as we prepare for Christmas and a New Year trip to see friends. Thank God for the provision of the phone itself (which I got for free a few months ago) and for the quick sale!

Radiator Down

Vacation was supposed to start that night – a nice trip to Myrtle Beach. To get ready I got the tires rotated and went to get the oil changed. At the oil place the guy said to me, “Looks like we won’t be changing the oil today… come check this out.” My radiator was destroyed!

Thank God I have a friend from church who owns a mechanic shop (and who we have to visit far too often!) who assured me he could get it taken care of before we were supposed to leave. The cost? $560.

If you’ve followed this blog you know that we had to scramble to raise even the money for gas for this trip – yard sales, online sales, eBay, Craigslist, selling to friends. How on earth could we pay for this? Another blessing: my friend told me I could pay him when I got paid in nearly two weeks!

But how will I pay it? Here’s the deal: there is no way we should have had enough money to pay for this. But when I got paid there was. Yeah, things are very, very tight. But I was able to pay the mechanic and I was able to take the family on vacation (most frugal vacation ever!) How? I really don’t know. Seriously. I did the accounts again and again and when I try to tally up the math I don’t know how the ends are meeting but they are.

Thank God for making things work even when I don’t understand and even when I didn’t think He could (or would.)

Free Fridays

Something I found out about this summer is Kroger’s Free Friday program. (Via BzzAgent.) I’ve never been a big digital coupon, or real coupon, guy. But when I found out I could load a coupon for a free product each week through Kroger I started loading digital coupons on my Kroger card each week. I have benefitted immensely!

Each week Kroger gives something away. Most of the time it isn’t something I use, like an energy drink or soda as two examples, but sometimes it is, like salsa, shampoo and toothpaste. I’ve also found the regular coupons are great too and I can usually build my shopping lost around the coupons I have digitally loaded. Because I have a tight budget this is really helpful.

So thank you to Kroger for the free products and thank you to friends who told me about it. And of course thank you to God for orchestrating everything.

95% Off

A while ago I had a reward coupon from a retailer that expired.  I called them and asked our they would extend it and they did. Then I misplaced the coupon for several months.

Yesterday my wife found the coupon so I went to the website and noticed they were having a sale. Using the coupon and the discounts online I got $20 worth of stuff for the house shipped for free to my house for $0.89! Coupon (that should have been expired) found in the nick of time for a huge sale and fee shipping?! Godincidence!

Praise God!

New Dishwasher

Our old dishwasher broke about a month ago and we’ve been doing all our washing by hand. I knew when I got some money we’d have to get one. I spent hours researching which to get and how much to spend. I had set aside $400 cash to go shopping hoping to haggle.

The very first place we went to there was a GE dishwasher that had all the features we wanted and then some and was brand new, had only very minor debts on the side and back and he was offering it for $335 including tax! Normal price was $450 plus tax. The installer offered to install and haul away for $100, then lowered it to $80. Total cost: $415!

I wanted an extended warranty so I bought one online and had a 30% our coupon for that as well. So the warranty is for 5 years, parts and labor, for an additional $76!

Thank you, God!

A lesson: I spent more time trying to gain and keep control by preparing and researching than it took to go shopping and be blessed. God is in control and he knows what’s best. I gotta let go.

Gifts from God

Today, I was offered some amazing products for review that will be a total blessing for my family, and especially my wife, and also for those who we will give the old products to. I was offered a set of stainless pots and pans as well as a very nice faucet.

Other products, like hair gel and shampoo, will be blessings for our family and friends.

Good is good!

Truck Sold!

One of the things I’ve kinda known in my gut – even before going through Financial Peace University – was that my truck was to expensive. So I put out up for sale on the internet. After several months I got an offer that is more of a blessing than I could have imagined!

The Christian guy and I spoke on the phone that first time for about 40 minutes about God, church, Francis Chan, and more. After meeting him and seeing his offer I recognize that this is a blessing that could only come from God and a man willing to be a blessing in God’s behalf. He will pay off my truck and also give me an old, beat up truck that seats six, has four doors and rings well!

Good is very good! And that’s debt number one gone.

Step System Alarm

Just after lunch today my STEP system alarm went off. I called the utility company right away and they sent someone out. I was worried that because of the rain and because I had run over the STEP system lid with my mower (and it was now ruined) that the problem was my fault. Could have been bad, but that’s not how it worked out.

When the guy came he immediately told me that he was going to replace the lid because it was ruined. (Side note: I’ve been trying to buy one of these lids for months but no home improvement stores had them.)  I told him that I ran over it years ago and it’d been rotting ever since. He told me that because these old ones were so cheap he would replace it for free! If I ran over this one I’d have to buy the next one, but new one is all plastic and a freaking tank – so that isn’t going to happen!

Then he fixed the pump, which was clogged, and left. All free of charge! Another example of how it could have been very bad but it was actually very good!

Thank you God!