Truck Sold!

One of the things I’ve kinda known in my gut – even before going through Financial Peace University – was that my truck was to expensive. So I put out up for sale on the internet. After several months I got an offer that is more of a blessing than I could have imagined!

The Christian guy and I spoke on the phone that first time for about 40 minutes about God, church, Francis Chan, and more. After meeting him and seeing his offer I recognize that this is a blessing that could only come from God and a man willing to be a blessing in God’s behalf. He will pay off my truck and also give me an old, beat up truck that seats six, has four doors and rings well!

Good is very good! And that’s debt number one gone.


Step System Alarm

Just after lunch today my STEP system alarm went off. I called the utility company right away and they sent someone out. I was worried that because of the rain and because I had run over the STEP system lid with my mower (and it was now ruined) that the problem was my fault. Could have been bad, but that’s not how it worked out.

When the guy came he immediately told me that he was going to replace the lid because it was ruined. (Side note: I’ve been trying to buy one of these lids for months but no home improvement stores had them.)  I told him that I ran over it years ago and it’d been rotting ever since. He told me that because these old ones were so cheap he would replace it for free! If I ran over this one I’d have to buy the next one, but new one is all plastic and a freaking tank – so that isn’t going to happen!

Then he fixed the pump, which was clogged, and left. All free of charge! Another example of how it could have been very bad but it was actually very good!

Thank you God!

The National Championship

Some would call this a minor blessing – and maybe no blessing at all if you’re a Notre Dame fan! – but I don’t have ESPN (or cable) so it seemed like I would have to miss the game. To compound matters I worked the hours of the game. Where I live there are a ton of NCAA (and SEC) fans so this was a big deal and I (an NFL fan) was looking forward to watching it. How? At work, my business has TVs in the break rooms and several of them had the game going! Also, because my brother shared his cable company login with me I was able to watch the game on my Smartphone!

Even though it wasn’t the greatest of games, even in these small desires that many people think God may not care about, He provided a way. I got all my work done and got to watch a good portion of the game. I call that a blessing!

FitBit Zip

It seems recently that I’ve had a lot of opportunities to eat out and you (if you are like my wife) may be worried that I’d gain a bunch of weight. Well, maybe God was worried as well because today I got in the mail a free FitBit Zip pedometer device that works with MyFitnessPal (calorie counting app) and Endomondo (excercise app), both of which I use but not as much as I should!

This device is $60 right now but I got it free because I shared a best practice at work in a contest. But I didn’t actually win this device. See, I told a friend of mine about the contest and he entered as well. He actually won the FitBit Zip. I won a $60 Bluetooth adapter for a car stereo auxiliary jack. My truck doesn’t have that and my friend was very excited about it so we swapped. A blessing for both of us to win and for both of us to get what we desired!

Thank God!