Free Food for Birth Month!

Because of some research I’ve been doing over at I found even more places that provide free food during your birth month:

  • Wednesday lunch (sandwhich)
  • Thursday lunch (pancake breakfast, cake and ice cream)
  • Friday dinner (burger)
  • Saturday (sandwich)
  • Saturday (muffins, soup, cake) 

I’m excited to find ways to eat because frankly I’m pretty broke right now. And I still have a bunch more options for this next week!

But for those who say this isn’t God but me I say, sure, it’s my cleverness and hard work finding these special offers but where do my cleverness and abilities come from? Does the painting say to the painter look how awesome I am? Of course not. God is awesome and gave me some gifts that he is using to provide for my needs.

So thank you God! You always provide all my needs!


Free Birthday Lunch

Over the last couple years I’ve found a bunch of restaurants that offer free food on your birthday month. Recently I came across a bunch more and I’ve been sharing them at Today I was broke and needed lunch and these benefits came to the rescue!

Free chicken sandwhich, free medium tots and free drink. This is just the first of several free meals this month!

Thank God for clever ideas and being in the right place at the right time!

Free Chicken

A Tennessee favorite (and nationally recognized) chicken place is celebrating its one year anniversary in our area with free chicken! So we took the family and ate for about half (that is to say a savings of about $35-40!)

Thank God for the deal, for the chicken place – that is the best! – and for friends sharing the knowledge of the deal!

For more info check it put here.

Grocery Refund

While on vacation a couple weeks ago I bought a watermelon (at vacation prices: $8!) but it was completely overripe. Being a day’s drive away I almost gave up on it and took the loss. Instead, I sent an email to the grocery and explained the situation and they called me today and offered a double refund over the phone! $16 credited to my bank account in the next couple days! Thank God!

Free Fridays

Something I found out about this summer is Kroger’s Free Friday program. (Via BzzAgent.) I’ve never been a big digital coupon, or real coupon, guy. But when I found out I could load a coupon for a free product each week through Kroger I started loading digital coupons on my Kroger card each week. I have benefitted immensely!

Each week Kroger gives something away. Most of the time it isn’t something I use, like an energy drink or soda as two examples, but sometimes it is, like salsa, shampoo and toothpaste. I’ve also found the regular coupons are great too and I can usually build my shopping lost around the coupons I have digitally loaded. Because I have a tight budget this is really helpful.

So thank you to Kroger for the free products and thank you to friends who told me about it. And of course thank you to God for orchestrating everything.

Free Lunch

Today I was unsatisfied with my lunch ( that I had pulled out of the freezer art the last second on the way to work) when my boss said she had ordered a sub sandwich and was only planning on eating half and over me the other half! Blessing!

Lunch $1.20

I didn’t have anything for lunch today and was getting hungry when I find out that a vendor was visiting my work campus and providing soft drinks. Normally I don’t drink soft drinks but I needed the calories.

Then I scrounged up a buck twenty and a coupon for a free taco that I’ve had for a year and bought lunch sour cheap.

Yeah not the most nutritious meal but food when I really didn’t have much to go on. God is good and takes care of me!

Note: for some reason the place that redeemed my free coupon had allows me to use it a dozen times and never asked for it. The very first time this happened it was with a manager so I know out wasn’t just a mistake. No one collected it until today. I take that as a blessing. If they dont wan’t the coupon then cool with me and thank you very much!

Discounted Lunch Date

Today I was offered a bonus secret shop of a bbq place. It’s the normal shop reimbursement plus $7! So I took the job and then my wife out on a date!

We ended up spending more than the reimbursement but we needed the time together and the discount will be such a blessing. We couldn’t really avoid to go out if not for the shop.

Thank God for opportunities like this!

Free Lunch

I had left overs today for one of my two meals at work (I work as odd shift) but needed another one and didn’t really have the money as I get paid tomorrow. One of my friends at work was having a party and offered to let me come in and grab some food. Just in time I got the other meal I needed taken care of for free.

Yet another perfect timing blessing from God!

Free Dinner

I was able to take my wife to dinner tonight for $15 at an amazing, and expensive, steakhouse because I was given a gift card from my work for a prize I won last year!

(And there is enough to take to lunch tomorrow as well.)

Thank God for the blessing of my wife, my work and also this date!