Garage Sale Success

Over the last two days we’ve had a yard sale trying to raise funds for a budget short fall due to our upcoming vacation. God blessed our effort with over $300 in sales! We then donated at least that value in goods to the Goodwill spreading the love. Our home is less cluttered, we are closer to our budget goal, we got to hang out with family and we donated a bunch… blessings all around!

Importantly, my stress is a little down. I’ll be honest: I didn’t see any way we are going to make the budget. But here we are only a couple hundred from making it and having a vacation! Thank you God! And I’m sorry I’m such a doubter.


Coffee Maker Sale & Blessing

I have a trip coming up but dont really have the money for it. I mentioned to a friend art work that I have a Krueger coffee maker during in my cabinet art home that I dont use. She immediately offered $25. My first thought was, “no way! This is an expensive machine!” Then I remembered that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. $25 I’d better than nothing. So I sold it to her.

She promptly set it up in our common area and my co-workers bought coffee for it and creamer and purified water and all the sudden the culture of the area changed. People are brewing coffee and cheerful. And now I know how God worked this out (so far) for mine and my friend’s good. Blessings all around!

Thank you God for helping us put and for helping me release a little this hesitancy to sell when the value doesn’t seem right to me. I’ve got to accept that the bake I place on things ifs not the the value because I can’t see the whole picture.

I hope this coffee maker is a blessing to this department long after I’m gone!

Discounted Lunch Date

Today I was offered a bonus secret shop of a bbq place. It’s the normal shop reimbursement plus $7! So I took the job and then my wife out on a date!

We ended up spending more than the reimbursement but we needed the time together and the discount will be such a blessing. We couldn’t really avoid to go out if not for the shop.

Thank God for opportunities like this!

Free Lunch

I had left overs today for one of my two meals at work (I work as odd shift) but needed another one and didn’t really have the money as I get paid tomorrow. One of my friends at work was having a party and offered to let me come in and grab some food. Just in time I got the other meal I needed taken care of for free.

Yet another perfect timing blessing from God!

Free Dinner

I was able to take my wife to dinner tonight for $15 at an amazing, and expensive, steakhouse because I was given a gift card from my work for a prize I won last year!

(And there is enough to take to lunch tomorrow as well.)

Thank God for the blessing of my wife, my work and also this date!

Words of Encouragement

Today at church I had two different people say something to me seemingly out of nowhere that blessed me.

First, the worship leader. During worship there is a time where we go up to the front to give a dollar to the poor in baskets at the front. This is between songs at a certain point. While putting my dollar in, the worship leader came over and asked me how I was doing and said it was good to see me. It gets really good to be noticed and to have him come over to check on me. Feeling very blessed and loved I went back to my seat.

As I sat down a lady came up to me and told me that her son, who I had spent time with a few days prior at a youth group all nighter playing laser tag, told her that I was awesome and she wanted me to know that!

Blessings from God are sometimes material, but sometimes words are the best blessing. Thank God for putting me on these two people’s hearts.

All Nighter

Several things came together in a Godincidental way to enable me to go with my oldest daughter on a youth group all nighter playing laser tag last night.

Money being tight, I wasn’t sure I could afford the $60 for both of us to go. But then I got an extra job yesterday driving delivery for my brother’s company. While on the way to the job, I stopped by the small business that I work ITĀ  for and they had my payment ready in cash! Perfect! (I wasn’t expecting it for another week.)

So I got to stay up all night with 75 or so fun kids from church killing them in last tag and building relationships. Nothing miraculous, but nothing mundane here either. Just perfect timing and a blessing of fellowship. Thank God!

Truck Sold!

One of the things I’ve kinda known in my gut – even before going through Financial Peace University – was that my truck was to expensive. So I put out up for sale on the internet. After several months I got an offer that is more of a blessing than I could have imagined!

The Christian guy and I spoke on the phone that first time for about 40 minutes about God, church, Francis Chan, and more. After meeting him and seeing his offer I recognize that this is a blessing that could only come from God and a man willing to be a blessing in God’s behalf. He will pay off my truck and also give me an old, beat up truck that seats six, has four doors and rings well!

Good is very good! And that’s debt number one gone.

Fantasy Football Dinner

In our fantasy football league at church the winner of the regular season and the winner of the playoffs buys dinner for the losers of each. Unfortunately my team didn’t win but finished second worse after the playoffs, which meant just one spot out of the free dinners.

When I got to the streak house tonight for the year-end party I expected to have to buy, but both of the people who we getting the free dinners didn’t show so I was surprised to find that I got a free dinner!

Free streak dinner and great fellowship! Praise God!

Birthday Lunch

As I mentioned in a recent post, I had a secret shop today at a wings restaurant. What I didn’t mention was that this is also my wife’s birthday! So we made it into a date time.

I was previously blessed with a $5 off coupon to the same wings place (by doing the survey on the receipt on a recent visit), so she did a call ahead and ordered a $4.95 kid’s meal for our youngest (who isn’t in school yet) and when we got there it was ready. Then because of a lunch special my $15 shop got enough wings and potato wedges for both of us. So we all three ate free!

But the blessings don’t stop there! BecauseĀ I had previously gone to a bunch of restaurant websites and registered my wife for their clubs she got a ton (about 10) different birthday offers ranging from a free sub to free sandwiches to free donuts and coffee to free desserts! So the blessings over this next week will continue!

Thank God!