Words of Encouragement

Today at church I had two different people say something to me seemingly out of nowhere that blessed me.

First, the worship leader. During worship there is a time where we go up to the front to give a dollar to the poor in baskets at the front. This is between songs at a certain point. While putting my dollar in, the worship leader came over and asked me how I was doing and said it was good to see me. It gets really good to be noticed and to have him come over to check on me. Feeling very blessed and loved I went back to my seat.

As I sat down a lady came up to me and told me that her son, who I had spent time with a few days prior at a youth group all nighter playing laser tag, told her that I was awesome and she wanted me to know that!

Blessings from God are sometimes material, but sometimes words are the best blessing. Thank God for putting me on these two people’s hearts.