Garage Sale Success

Over the last two days we’ve had a yard sale trying to raise funds for a budget short fall due to our upcoming vacation. God blessed our effort with over $300 in sales! We then donated at least that value in goods to the Goodwill spreading the love. Our home is less cluttered, we are closer to our budget goal, we got to hang out with family and we donated a bunch… blessings all around!

Importantly, my stress is a little down. I’ll be honest: I didn’t see any way we are going to make the budget. But here we are only a couple hundred from making it and having a vacation! Thank you God! And I’m sorry I’m such a doubter.


Free Fridays

Something I found out about this summer is Kroger’s Free Friday program. (Via BzzAgent.) I’ve never been a big digital coupon, or real coupon, guy. But when I found out I could load a coupon for a free product each week through Kroger I started loading digital coupons on my Kroger card each week. I have benefitted immensely!

Each week Kroger gives something away. Most of the time it isn’t something I use, like an energy drink or soda as two examples, but sometimes it is, like salsa, shampoo and toothpaste. I’ve also found the regular coupons are great too and I can usually build my shopping lost around the coupons I have digitally loaded. Because I have a tight budget this is really helpful.

So thank you to Kroger for the free products and thank you to friends who told me about it. And of course thank you to God for orchestrating everything.

Coffee Maker Sale & Blessing

I have a trip coming up but dont really have the money for it. I mentioned to a friend art work that I have a Krueger coffee maker during in my cabinet art home that I dont use. She immediately offered $25. My first thought was, “no way! This is an expensive machine!” Then I remembered that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. $25 I’d better than nothing. So I sold it to her.

She promptly set it up in our common area and my co-workers bought coffee for it and creamer and purified water and all the sudden the culture of the area changed. People are brewing coffee and cheerful. And now I know how God worked this out (so far) for mine and my friend’s good. Blessings all around!

Thank you God for helping us put and for helping me release a little this hesitancy to sell when the value doesn’t seem right to me. I’ve got to accept that the bake I place on things ifs not the the value because I can’t see the whole picture.

I hope this coffee maker is a blessing to this department long after I’m gone!

Vacuum Blessing

A friend of mine said he was going to move because he felt God was leading him. I told him if God did give him the job then if give him a housewarming git of a new vacuum. I then saved that vacuum for him for these last six months. He finally accepted the new position today and as we are talking about it he told me that I should sell that vacuum and do something nice for my kids! He wanted to see some picture of what I did nice for him and it would be gift enough.

There is no way he knew how stressed I am about money! All the while I’ve been selling stuff I’ve avoid selling that because I have it away. But it is a new vacuum and is valuable. So him releasing me was such a blessing!

Not an hour later a co-worker comes by and tells me that she needs a new vacuum! I agree to her offer of $90 (much needed) and she is blessed with a very good price and I’m blessed by the money!

I’ve gotta remember this stuff when I’m stressing! Good will provide!

Blessing: Free Books

Because God had blessed me so much recently and because I believe we are blessed to be a blessing I’m giving stuff away.

Today I told nine people who had borrowed books from me that they can keep them.

I also set out nine more for free books and offered them to anyone who wants them.

And finally I have away an electronic doorknob that has a built in alarm (valued at $85) that a friend could use that I was not going to use.