The Nature of Everything, Part 2

What's the Least I Can Believe?Starting in April 2015, for seven weeks, I’ll be teaching a class based (loosely) on Martin Theilen’s What’s the Least I Can Believe and Still be a Christian? at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center. The class is designed to cut through the clutter and excess focus on non-essentials and renew our faith with clear focus on the essentials.

Week 2 non-essential: The Gifts of the Spirit, essential: the Godhood of the Holy Spirit

Right Click and Save As… the pdf and the mp3 for the full experience:

Worksheet | Audio

Some perspectives on tongues and other Gifts of the Spirit: John Piper on What is the Gift of Tongues? He is fully vulnerable on his own experiences. Mark Driscoll on Common questions about the Gift of Tongues. The whole sermon can be found here on the topic of Empowered by the Spirit to Follow Jesus. While Driscoll (like Piper) is Reformed, he is also open to the gifts being ongoing.

From John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference (Cessationalist), Nathan Busenitz, assistant to John MacArthur and professor at The Master’s Seminary, teaches on Charismatic Counterfeits: Do the Modern Gifts Meet the Biblical Standard? in this clip. You can also find quite a bit more on the Strange Fire Conference, which was basically a Cessationalist Conference. For John MacArthur’s own views, which are very strong, watch a sermon here.

For a clear explanation of how to discuss and not divide over the Gifts of the Spirit from an apologist who is not Charismatic, Hank Hanegraaff of the Christian Research Institute, listen to this video here.


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