Reviewing My Blessings

One of the ways God has blessed me and my family over the several years is with an expansion of out receiving free items in exchange for reviews. In 2009, I was reading a review and saw that the author noted that the publisher had given the book to them for free one exchange for a review. Over the net several hours I found several Christian book publishers who would provide books for reviews and I signed up.

Over the next couple years, I got better and more influential and by the end of 2011 I was able to request many books and audio books from most publishers. By the beginning of 2012, I was invited to join Amazon Vine.

Vine got me started reviewing non-book products. Through that program I’ve received for free anything from the phone I am writing this on to vacuums to electronics to trash bags or food. It’s been an incredible blessing.

This last year I’ve seen an additional boost as I’ve joined several other review programs to receive goods. Combine that with secret shopping and now I get all my books for free, get to eat out for free a couple times a month, and get toys for the kids for free. All for review and all free.

I know that some would say that these “blessings” are really my hard work or knowing how to get signed up or whatever. But who gave me my ability to find these programs? Who made me he kinda of person who makes time for reviews? (The main reason friends reject becoming a reviewer even though they will get free ruff is that they aren’t willing to work for the goods. They’d rather just buy them.) God made me like this and gave me my skills and put me in positions to accept and thrive in this industry. So God gets the glory!

Thank God for productive ideas, goods and services I couldn’t afford, and for putting me in the right place with the right abilities at the right time!

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