Coffee Maker Sale & Blessing

I have a trip coming up but dont really have the money for it. I mentioned to a friend art work that I have a Krueger coffee maker during in my cabinet art home that I dont use. She immediately offered $25. My first thought was, “no way! This is an expensive machine!” Then I remembered that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. $25 I’d better than nothing. So I sold it to her.

She promptly set it up in our common area and my co-workers bought coffee for it and creamer and purified water and all the sudden the culture of the area changed. People are brewing coffee and cheerful. And now I know how God worked this out (so far) for mine and my friend’s good. Blessings all around!

Thank you God for helping us put and for helping me release a little this hesitancy to sell when the value doesn’t seem right to me. I’ve got to accept that the bake I place on things ifs not the the value because I can’t see the whole picture.

I hope this coffee maker is a blessing to this department long after I’m gone!


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