Vacuum Blessing

A friend of mine said he was going to move because he felt God was leading him. I told him if God did give him the job then if give him a housewarming git of a new vacuum. I then saved that vacuum for him for these last six months. He finally accepted the new position today and as we are talking about it he told me that I should sell that vacuum and do something nice for my kids! He wanted to see some picture of what I did nice for him and it would be gift enough.

There is no way he knew how stressed I am about money! All the while I’ve been selling stuff I’ve avoid selling that because I have it away. But it is a new vacuum and is valuable. So him releasing me was such a blessing!

Not an hour later a co-worker comes by and tells me that she needs a new vacuum! I agree to her offer of $90 (much needed) and she is blessed with a very good price and I’m blessed by the money!

I’ve gotta remember this stuff when I’m stressing! Good will provide!

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