New Dishwasher

Our old dishwasher broke about a month ago and we’ve been doing all our washing by hand. I knew when I got some money we’d have to get one. I spent hours researching which to get and how much to spend. I had set aside $400 cash to go shopping hoping to haggle.

The very first place we went to there was a GE dishwasher that had all the features we wanted and then some and was brand new, had only very minor debts on the side and back and he was offering it for $335 including tax! Normal price was $450 plus tax. The installer offered to install and haul away for $100, then lowered it to $80. Total cost: $415!

I wanted an extended warranty so I bought one online and had a 30% our coupon for that as well. So the warranty is for 5 years, parts and labor, for an additional $76!

Thank you, God!

A lesson: I spent more time trying to gain and keep control by preparing and researching than it took to go shopping and be blessed. God is in control and he knows what’s best. I gotta let go.

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