Free Lunch

I had left overs today for one of my two meals at work (I work as odd shift) but needed another one and didn’t really have the money as I get paid tomorrow. One of my friends at work was having a party and offered to let me come in and grab some food. Just in time I got the other meal I needed taken care of for free.

Yet another perfect timing blessing from God!


Gifts from God

Today, I was offered some amazing products for review that will be a total blessing for my family, and especially my wife, and also for those who we will give the old products to. I was offered a set of stainless pots and pans as well as a very nice faucet.

Other products, like hair gel and shampoo, will be blessings for our family and friends.

Good is good!

Free Dinner

I was able to take my wife to dinner tonight for $15 at an amazing, and expensive, steakhouse because I was given a gift card from my work for a prize I won last year!

(And there is enough to take to lunch tomorrow as well.)

Thank God for the blessing of my wife, my work and also this date!

Blessing: Free Books

Because God had blessed me so much recently and because I believe we are blessed to be a blessing I’m giving stuff away.

Today I told nine people who had borrowed books from me that they can keep them.

I also set out nine more for free books and offered them to anyone who wants them.

And finally I have away an electronic doorknob that has a built in alarm (valued at $85) that a friend could use that I was not going to use.

Tons of Free Stuff

I review products on the side and today was a blessing unlike any other. Not only we I offered a really cool bird house and robot vacuum, but also a bunch of other stuff we need around the house, like shampoo, deodorant, and hair product. I also got some software to help find lost smartphones as well. Amazing blessings!

Thank you God!

Perfect Timing

Yesterday when I got paid I realized that it wouldn’t be enough. But I’ve started recognizing that the gap would be filled someway and I was right. By tonight I’ve found three different $100 deposits that will help bridge that gap! All three have been coming for some time but are actually getting here right on time. If I’d gotten them last week I’m certain I would have spent them.

Sure nothing is especially miraculous about where the money is coming from, but to say that somehow I’ve made this money and it has nothing to do with God is like coffee being proud it has caffeine. Thank God for yet another example of perfect timing!

Exactly Like a Child

When I tell my daughter she’s done something wrong she will often apologize in a way where her body language and tone clearly demonstrates that while she may be saying words I want to hear she doesn’t actually believe them.

Same thing with my boys. When they fight I ask them to apologize to each other but their mumbled words of apology and stiff body language clearly unveil the fact that they do so only begrudgingly.

Half hearted. Forced. Only because I say so.

I’m like that with God at worship when He asks for all of me and I huddle in my seat with arms flacid at my sides, body stiff and sometimes not even singling.