Printer Networking Job

Like earlier this week, the small business that I used to work on their computers for free called me up and asked me to come out and fix their printer issues. None of the network printers would print. It took an hour yesterday and an hour today but we got the network working and all the printers work again. And I got paid for two hours of tech support! Big blessing!

Some may say, “How was that a blessing for the business?” Sometimes bad things come up and I’m not sure how they work out. But this one is easier. Because I charge the business such a cheap hourly rate they got everything fixed for less than half the cost of the local shop or big box tech support store. The printer network issue happened – who knows why? – but they were blessed to have an inexpensive tech guy come and fix it immediately and I was blessed to make a little money to help make ends meet.

Thank God!


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