Two Meals = $4.28

Last year I went to the local NHL club’s final home game. I was intrigued so I went to the season ticket counter to ask about the costs of game tickets. While I couldn’t justify the high costs I did notice that the lady had a huge stack of free taco coupons on her counter. She said I was welcome to as many as I liked so I took about 25.

Today when I needed to get lunch on the way to work (I was working late) I stopped by that taco place and bought a couple small items and got the free taco. The total was $2.38 for three value menu items. Bonus blessing: the manager who took my payment let me keep the coupon for next time! I then went across the street to redeem another coupon for a free 44 ounce drink and there the carhop also let me keep my coupon (I did not ask!)

At dinner time I decided to go back to that same taco place as I had a coupon for a free item of any kind (not a meal) and chose a steak burrito. (They took the coupon this time!) Then I went to another place and got some tots to go with it. I spent $2 on dinner.

So $4.28 got me three value items, a steak burrito, a 44 ounce drink and tots plus I still have the free taco coupon! I know that I would be tempted to dismiss these kinds of things as the fruit of my labor. After all, I sent in the feedback that got the free item of any kind, and I picked up the free taco coupons and I took the survey for the free drink. But how can I do anything without God sustaining me? Doesn’t he hold all things together and didn’t he give me all my faculties and abilities?

Could anyone get all these things without God? No. But you could think so. But the missing piece in theology like that is that God is good to all of us – even those who don’t want to recongize it.

So praise God for a full day’s worth of food for less than $5!


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