FitBit Zip

It seems recently that I’ve had a lot of opportunities to eat out and you (if you are like my wife) may be worried that I’d gain a bunch of weight. Well, maybe God was worried as well because today I got in the mail a free FitBit Zip pedometer device that works with MyFitnessPal (calorie counting app) and Endomondo (excercise app), both of which I use but not as much as I should!

This device is $60 right now but I got it free because I shared a best practice at work in a contest. But I didn’t actually win this device. See, I told a friend of mine about the contest and he entered as well. He actually won the FitBit Zip. I won a $60 Bluetooth adapter for a car stereo auxiliary jack. My truck doesn’t have that and my friend was very excited about it so we swapped. A blessing for both of us to win and for both of us to get what we desired!

Thank God!

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