Huge Discount on Chiropractic

I’m a big fan of chiropractic. I’ve been going (with my family) to the same doctor for the last two years. The way it works is that we go 1-2 times a week (all of us) paid for in a lump sum at the start of the year. Our year is up at the end of the month and frankly we don’t have the kind of money it would take to keep going – especially after doing Dave Ramsey’s course and trying to budget like we are.  I’d come to the conclusion that if the chiropractor charged the same as he did last year ($3000, which is already $500 below the normal price) we would not be able to keep going as it was more than our maxed out Spending Account and we don’t have the money out of pocket.

I visited today and was getting adjusted and the topic of why my family hadn’t come and explained that they didn’t want to keep coming and then have to quit at the end of the month. I told him about the Spending Account laws changing and explained I didn’t have the $3000 this year.

Praise God he told me that he was making a decision right then that he would lower it for us to the $2500 Spending Account limit and wanted me to get my family in right away! After thanking him again I called my wife who was ecstatic!



Words of Encouragement

Today at church I had two different people say something to me seemingly out of nowhere that blessed me.

First, the worship leader. During worship there is a time where we go up to the front to give a dollar to the poor in baskets at the front. This is between songs at a certain point. While putting my dollar in, the worship leader came over and asked me how I was doing and said it was good to see me. It gets really good to be noticed and to have him come over to check on me. Feeling very blessed and loved I went back to my seat.

As I sat down a lady came up to me and told me that her son, who I had spent time with a few days prior at a youth group all nighter playing laser tag, told her that I was awesome and she wanted me to know that!

Blessings from God are sometimes material, but sometimes words are the best blessing. Thank God for putting me on these two people’s hearts.

All Nighter

Several things came together in a Godincidental way to enable me to go with my oldest daughter on a youth group all nighter playing laser tag last night.

Money being tight, I wasn’t sure I could afford the $60 for both of us to go. But then I got an extra job yesterday driving delivery for my brother’s company. While on the way to the job, I stopped by the small business that I work IT  for and they had my payment ready in cash! Perfect! (I wasn’t expecting it for another week.)

So I got to stay up all night with 75 or so fun kids from church killing them in last tag and building relationships. Nothing miraculous, but nothing mundane here either. Just perfect timing and a blessing of fellowship. Thank God!

Truck Sold!

One of the things I’ve kinda known in my gut – even before going through Financial Peace University – was that my truck was to expensive. So I put out up for sale on the internet. After several months I got an offer that is more of a blessing than I could have imagined!

The Christian guy and I spoke on the phone that first time for about 40 minutes about God, church, Francis Chan, and more. After meeting him and seeing his offer I recognize that this is a blessing that could only come from God and a man willing to be a blessing in God’s behalf. He will pay off my truck and also give me an old, beat up truck that seats six, has four doors and rings well!

Good is very good! And that’s debt number one gone.

1/2 Price Date Night

I decided to take my wife out on a date tonight to one of her favorite Mexican food places. It was bustling! We were a party of two, though, so got seated right away. We ordered and then waited. And waited. We were served our food by someone other than our waiter and then all through dinner no one came to check on us but this other guy. Our drinks were left unfilled and we were starting to make jokes about where our waitress went.

Finally, I asked the guy who kept coming over if he were the manager. He was one. I explained that our waitress had never come back to us since we placed our order. He immediately apologized and offered to take off half our check saying that he wants us to come back. I told him we definitely would and we love the place. Then he asked if we had ever tried their famous dessert. We had not because we are always too full to order dessert. Then he said he would get us one on him to try because it was the best!

Maybe dinner didn’t go how we planned it. We didn’t get drink refills. We had some frustration over waiting for a waitress who never came back. But in the end we got a half price dinner and a free dessert (that really was the best!)

Now I’m going to send in feedback to praise this manager who made our date night awesome! Thank him and thank God!

Free Pizza

Last week we got a deal offer in our email from one of the big pizza chains saying that if we bought a pizza from them for delivery within a time frame and enter the promo code at check out we would get another on them. We neglected to enter in the promo code when we bought the pizza so we were not sent the free code. Because I am big on feedback, I sent the pizza company a note saying that we purchased the pizza in the time frame but didn’t get the free pizza code. They responded acknowledging that we didn’t enter in the promo code but they decided to give us a free pizza anyway!

So tonight I’m going to date night with my wife and the kids are eating free pizza! Thank you God!

Step System Alarm

Just after lunch today my STEP system alarm went off. I called the utility company right away and they sent someone out. I was worried that because of the rain and because I had run over the STEP system lid with my mower (and it was now ruined) that the problem was my fault. Could have been bad, but that’s not how it worked out.

When the guy came he immediately told me that he was going to replace the lid because it was ruined. (Side note: I’ve been trying to buy one of these lids for months but no home improvement stores had them.)  I told him that I ran over it years ago and it’d been rotting ever since. He told me that because these old ones were so cheap he would replace it for free! If I ran over this one I’d have to buy the next one, but new one is all plastic and a freaking tank – so that isn’t going to happen!

Then he fixed the pump, which was clogged, and left. All free of charge! Another example of how it could have been very bad but it was actually very good!

Thank you God!

Printer Networking Job

Like earlier this week, the small business that I used to work on their computers for free called me up and asked me to come out and fix their printer issues. None of the network printers would print. It took an hour yesterday and an hour today but we got the network working and all the printers work again. And I got paid for two hours of tech support! Big blessing!

Some may say, “How was that a blessing for the business?” Sometimes bad things come up and I’m not sure how they work out. But this one is easier. Because I charge the business such a cheap hourly rate they got everything fixed for less than half the cost of the local shop or big box tech support store. The printer network issue happened – who knows why? – but they were blessed to have an inexpensive tech guy come and fix it immediately and I was blessed to make a little money to help make ends meet.

Thank God!

Fantasy Football Dinner

In our fantasy football league at church the winner of the regular season and the winner of the playoffs buys dinner for the losers of each. Unfortunately my team didn’t win but finished second worse after the playoffs, which meant just one spot out of the free dinners.

When I got to the streak house tonight for the year-end party I expected to have to buy, but both of the people who we getting the free dinners didn’t show so I was surprised to find that I got a free dinner!

Free streak dinner and great fellowship! Praise God!

The National Championship

Some would call this a minor blessing – and maybe no blessing at all if you’re a Notre Dame fan! – but I don’t have ESPN (or cable) so it seemed like I would have to miss the game. To compound matters I worked the hours of the game. Where I live there are a ton of NCAA (and SEC) fans so this was a big deal and I (an NFL fan) was looking forward to watching it. How? At work, my business has TVs in the break rooms and several of them had the game going! Also, because my brother shared his cable company login with me I was able to watch the game on my Smartphone!

Even though it wasn’t the greatest of games, even in these small desires that many people think God may not care about, He provided a way. I got all my work done and got to watch a good portion of the game. I call that a blessing!