Supermarket Finds

I went shopping today with my wife with a really tight budget. Unfortunately, it’s rare to get good low price or coupons for the kinds of food we buy. We’ve watched a lot of documentaries and read up on some of the crap manufacturers put in their food so we buy mostly organic and all natural, which can be expensive. But today we were blessed to find many organic and all natural items on clearance!

Sandwich meat without nitrates for $1.50 less than normal. Organic free range soup broth for $2 less than normal. I also had a bad experience with my favorite dessert, organic frozen yogurt, and let them know and was sent coupons for three free boxes! On and on the great deals went today. Almost everything we bought we on sale and we were able to fill our pantry and fridge with food without busting the budget.

I know that those same deals were available for anyone in the store (except for the yogurt), but what I care about is that they were there when we went there. We got really good price on food we needed and I thank God for that!

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