Free Lunch

I had intended to buy a lunch today but then the double payment went through for the alarm company and I found out I was fully broke. I took my wife’s coin purse to the bank and put all $6 in the checking account but couldn’t justify immediately spending it on food. Then I remembered something: I have free food coupons!

Recently I’d purchased a meal from Taco Bell, a place I almost never eat at, and the food was terrible so I sent them a note with my receipt info via their website. Just yesterday I’d received back an apology and a coupon for two free items of food. I’ve sent feedback many times and have seldom received back any coupon at all, let alone two free items of any value!

I also have a new friend at work who recently gave me several of the Sonic survey receipts where I’d you complete the survey you get a free 44 ounce drink! Sonic and Taco Bell are across the street from each other. So free food and free drink. Thank God!

I know some people may argue that these things don’t mean God was looking out for me and that three kings of things happen all the time. I get the hesitancy to ascribe every little thing to God’s active providence. But you know what? I think I struggle way more with not believing God had an active role in my life than in thinking he takes too active role in my life. So I’m calling these coincidental situations Godincidences. I think God does care if I have lunch and if I’m broke I think he knew it ahead of time and worked it out for my good.

I was broke today and I was well fed for free. Thank you God!


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