No Over Payment

I spoke to the business that over paid me by a couple of hours and was told it was NOT an error. The owner said I was worth it and paid me extra on purpose!

Thank them and thank God!


Nearly Free Lunch

Recently I was surprised to find a $10 gift certificate for a local restaurant in the mail. Today, my youngest daughter helped me teach Sunday School (5-6 year olds) so to celebrate and spend some time together we used the coupon. Two meals, dessert for her, and an order of fried pickles to go for $6 including tax and tip! Another blessing!

Supermarket Finds

I went shopping today with my wife with a really tight budget. Unfortunately, it’s rare to get good low price or coupons for the kinds of food we buy. We’ve watched a lot of documentaries and read up on some of the crap manufacturers put in their food so we buy mostly organic and all natural, which can be expensive. But today we were blessed to find many organic and all natural items on clearance!

Sandwich meat without nitrates for $1.50 less than normal. Organic free range soup broth for $2 less than normal. I also had a bad experience with my favorite dessert, organic frozen yogurt, and let them know and was sent coupons for three free boxes! On and on the great deals went today. Almost everything we bought we on sale and we were able to fill our pantry and fridge with food without busting the budget.

I know that those same deals were available for anyone in the store (except for the yogurt), but what I care about is that they were there when we went there. We got really good price on food we needed and I thank God for that!

Overpayment on Paycheck

Along with my full-time job (which is a huge blessing!) I also do work on the side picking up whatever I can to make ends meet. One thing I’ve been working on recently was in helping a small business interview then hire a new employee. Having -$0.08 in my checking (after the double payment) I was excited to pick up my check and even more excited to find that I’d been overpaid by two hours! Sure, I’ll have to work those off but if there was ever a time when a little advance was needed it is now! Another blessing! Praise God!

Free Lunch

I had intended to buy a lunch today but then the double payment went through for the alarm company and I found out I was fully broke. I took my wife’s coin purse to the bank and put all $6 in the checking account but couldn’t justify immediately spending it on food. Then I remembered something: I have free food coupons!

Recently I’d purchased a meal from Taco Bell, a place I almost never eat at, and the food was terrible so I sent them a note with my receipt info via their website. Just yesterday I’d received back an apology and a coupon for two free items of food. I’ve sent feedback many times and have seldom received back any coupon at all, let alone two free items of any value!

I also have a new friend at work who recently gave me several of the Sonic survey receipts where I’d you complete the survey you get a free 44 ounce drink! Sonic and Taco Bell are across the street from each other. So free food and free drink. Thank God!

I know some people may argue that these things don’t mean God was looking out for me and that three kings of things happen all the time. I get the hesitancy to ascribe every little thing to God’s active providence. But you know what? I think I struggle way more with not believing God had an active role in my life than in thinking he takes too active role in my life. So I’m calling these coincidental situations Godincidences. I think God does care if I have lunch and if I’m broke I think he knew it ahead of time and worked it out for my good.

I was broke today and I was well fed for free. Thank you God!

Alarm Company and NSF Bank Fees

Yesterday I got a text from my wife informing me that she had paid the alarm company because they’d called and threatened to stop monitoring. The problem was that I’d already sent the alarm company a check via my bank’s eBill pay service Monday. Worse: I spoke to the alarm company and that same rep last Saturday to verify the amount to pay and to let them know I sent it and they’d get it during this month. We were cool. Now I had two payments outstanding and could only afford one.

I called the alarm company and after some memory nudging the rep remembered that she had talked to me but had forgotten to notate my account. (Friends, never trust your account will be notated. Take notes of name, time, date, and what was discussed.)  To fix this, she promised to return the check once they got it and guaranteed they would not cash it. I went to bed resting in the knowledge that there would be no double payment to mess up my account.

That’s not how eBill pay works, though. Once the bank sends the check they charge you a few days after they mail it even if the company hadn’t received it yet. This happened. Then four NSF fees happened. When I woke up this morning I was $100 in fees and overdrawn.

As soon as the bank opened I called and explained the situation. The rep I spoke to offered to credit back three of the fees and ask about the fourth. I really was $0.08 overdrawn because of the duplicate payment so she wasn’t sure I could get the last credited.

I was called back about an hour later and informed they would credit back all four fees. $100 reversed! I’m counting this as favor from God and marking it down as one more way my Father in Heaven took care of me today!

(I’ll get the duplicate payment reversed when the alarm company mails me the check and I take it to the bank. I’m out of money, but I’ll be OK. I have someone looking out for me. Someone who cares about me.)