Am I Saying What I Want or What I Should?

It’s been nearly a month since I posted a non-cartoon post. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to say anything but that that I wasn’t convinced that what I wanted to say was the right thing to say.

I’m convinced that God wants to use me to share with you. I’m convinced I have things I’m supposed to say.

I’m also convinced that I’ve done a poor job of utilizing what I believe as a filter for what I say.

I recognize that in order to fulfill my purpose I have to maintain and grow my audience. However, in the last six years of having this blog I’ve been much more likely to alienate the very people that I wanted to reach because I’ve selfishly said whatever I wanted to.

Jeremiah says this is stupid,

But I, the LORD, search all hearts and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve. (17:10)

I deserve terrible judgment for my selfish motives and actions and for taking my gifts and calling for granted.

I’m sorry. I repent. I want to do better.

So the delay in blog posts really is about trying to find who I am in Christ so I can be who I’m supposed to be for you.

I’ll let you know as I figure that out.

2 thoughts on “Am I Saying What I Want or What I Should?

  1. Romans 5 tells us
    1-2 Since then it is by faith that we are justified, let us grasp the fact that we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have confidently entered into this new relationship of grace, and here we take our stand, in happy certainty of the glorious things he has for us in the future.

    3-5 This doesn’t mean, of course, that we have only a hope of future joys—we can be full of joy here and now even in our trials and troubles. Taken in the right spirit these very things will give us patient endurance; this in turn will develop a mature character, and a character of this sort produces a steady hope, a hope that will never disappoint us. Already we have some experience of the love of God flooding through our hearts by the Holy Spirit given to us.

    I encourage you my brother to continue to take the journey methodically, day by day as He leads you into all truth. I think you are showing wisdom here in not just spouting whatever comes to mind but to take the time to ask, “Is/Does what I am about to say direct people to Christ and what He intends for His high purpose for their lives through me”

    Verse 1&2 of this passage lets us know that we in of ourselves come to God just as we are and through our faith in Christ we are standing justified (not perfect or mature mind you, but justified). And in as much we can stand there not ashamed of and in who we currently are, but we can have PEACE with God through Christ knowing that we stand before Him with confident in His grace for the things He has for us in our immediate future as we develop and mature in Him. I see that happening in you my young brother. Stay the course.

    You will and obviously have, experienced troubles in your early stages of this transformation. But be faithful, diligent to continue onward with your walk, because as verses 3-5 tell us, it will produce endurance, which in turn produces a mature and strong character that will manifest a sure HOPE, one that will NEVER disappoint because of the Holy Spirit whom we have already in some part and measure begun to experience in and through us because of Christ.

    Keep your focus and eyes on Him as you mature through this part of your life. Men, we are flesh and blood. We make mistakes and we will let you down, disappoint and hurt one another. But HE, He will not hurt, harm or disappoint His children. As long as you walk in a place of humility and spiritual brokenness before Him as the psalmist says “a broken and contrite heart He will in no way cast away”…in other words He will not give up on you with that kind of a heart towards Him.

    So, press on young lion…guard your words and thoughts wisely and He will continue to show you greater things…

    Love ya Scott

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