Born Again

With a title like that you may expect something religious in this post. You may even come to think of this post as sacriligious after you recognize that I’m not talking about something religious. To be clear: this post is not about believing in God.

It’s about this blog. Over the last six years I’ve used Blogger for all of my posts. A couple of things have happened over the last couple years that have convinced me to switch to a self-hosted blog. First, Blogger sucks for customization. If you’ve ever used Blogger you know that’s true. The best plugs ins and themese are WordPress conversions. So why not use WordPress instead? Why indeed.

Second, I’ve learned a lot over the last few years working on other people’s websites. It started with Springhouse Worship & Arts Center, which I helped move through three different web sites before settling on a WordPress theme hosted by GoDaddy. When I first started working on that website (then I had little idea what I was doing. But with help, a trip to a conference in Franklin, TN, and with a ton of help from Brian Entzminger (especially with the WordPress site, which he now manages) I figured out enough to step out and help other sites. I’ve since worked on – my first eCommerce website – and then – my first art site, which also includes eCommerce.

Finally, I wanted a do-over. With six years of blog posts I know that some of the things I posted back when no longer reflect my beliefs accurately. Sometimes I think we bloggers come to see our posts as a sort of diary and view deleting or modifying the posts unfaithful to history. I no longer feel that way. I wanted a new start and I get to have one. All my old posts are here and I’m gonna go through and re-read them and see if they are worthy of being published now. If they are you’ll see them. If not, do me a favor and forget they ever existed (that’s what I’m gonna try to do.)

Welcome to the born again AshertopiA! I hope you find the visit worth your time. Let me know.

Scott Asher


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