Good Idea!

(c) Scott Asher
This is a true story. A sad, sad true story with lots of sequels.

Top 5 Most Wanted Lego Games

Everyone should love the Lego video games. If you don’t you’re lame. Seriously, who doesn’t love Lego Star Wars? Lego Batman?

I sat down with some friends and worked out the five games we would most like to see made. Our criteria included Lord of different characters, levels, and environments. So sequels and series worked well.

Here they are:

5. Lego Star Trek – a ton of movies and characters and different outfits make this a clear choice. Plus they could add lense flair on the new movie levels.

4. Lego Shrek – frankly the games could be better than the last few movies. Adding rhythm levels for songs, ala Guitar Hero, would add a different your of game play as well.

3. Lego Lord of the Rings – um, yes! How sweet would it be to play through some of the huge battles as a Lego Legolas?

2. Lego Disney / Pixar – this could be 20 games there are so many awesome stories. Lego Aladdin, Lego Incredibles… That would be awesome. Way better than the lame Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

1. Lego Jurassic Park – Lego dinosaurs is the most awesome idea ever! The levels spam jungle, theme park, and city. Plus there are a bunch of characters. This is a no brainer and needs to be made.