Another World

I was reading a book and came across a story that I have to share. I want to know if you believe this or if this is too far fetched. Your answer and mine will have far ranging repercussions. I will paraphrase:

A native missionary in India went with his family to preach the Gospel in a small secluded town. The town was under the dominion of several practitioners of witchcraft who held the townsfolk in fear and bondage. The evil priests were said to cause the deaths of townspeople or their animals and to cause crops to fail.

The priests came to the missionary in the town square where he was preaching and warned him that they would kill him and his family if he didn’t stop preaching. The missionary refused.

Days later, the priests went back to the missionary and asked about his power. They said, “We sent our spirits to kill you but they came back to us saying that you and your family were protected by fire. So we sent out more powerful spirits but they also came back to us saying that you were protected by fire and angels.”

The missionary shared that Christ protected him. The priests were convicted of their sins and turned to the Lord. (Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yahannan, p.21,22)

I had two thoughts about this:

  1. If these things don’t really happen then we are liars.
  2. If these kinds of things really happen then we are wasting our lives.

6 thoughts on “Another World

  1. Scott,I believe that these kinds of things have happened because I read about similar kinds of stories in the Bible. And, since I see nothing in scripture that says they won't happen any more I can't say why they don't really happen even now.However, I don't see how that would mean that we are wasting our lives. Why would God's intervention in our lives for his own glory make our lives a waste?

  2. What I mean is if these kinds of supernatural things are real then there is a spiritual level to life that I think most people miss. And without that are we merely wasting our life swimming in the shallow end? If this really happens then we are missing so much more… what I think would fit the "life more abundantly" idea.

  3. Perhaps. But we must be very careful to not head out in an attempt to "prove" our God (Luke 4:12). Otherwise we may very quickly end up evaluating our spirituality by secret knowledge and experience and our faith by handling snakes and drinking poison.External (practical) things matter (Matthew 25:32-46) but much as knowing God (John 17:3, Matthew 7:21-23).

  4. I tend to not believe this or chalk it up to superstition in undeveloped cultures (read: less superstitious). I tend to view the Bible through that same lens – The NT is full of a bunch of undeveloped low culture people talking about casting out demons all the time like it is normal. My thoughts: is demon possession still normal? and Why don't we see this in America or other developed cultures?

  5. Then why do you think Jesus would tell us that those kinds of things would follow those who believe (I know…new can of worms, not trying to get into the question of "So, have YOU seen a demon cast out")? And if their analysis of the situation was incorrect, what do you think was really happening?

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