Leading Worship

Something that’s been on my heart for some time that I struggle to find the words for is the relationship of worship leader to their personal worship. If you are confused so far then I’ve made my point.I was challenged by a conversation I had with Ronnie Meek while we were talking about what a worship leader does. He said, “Sometimes [the people on stage] are leading worship exactly the same way they would if they were in the audience with the congregation or alone worshiping.” I remember thinking, isn’t this exactly how it should be?

But he continued, “But a worship leaders job is to get the congregation to worship.”

At church, during service, I tend to watch the singers, musicians and dancers.

I’m looking for authenticity. I love watching someone worship!

What I see from Wayne Berry, and am confused about, is someone who is not singing along with the rest of us a lot of the time. That’s confusing because my preconceived idea of a worship leader is one who leads by example. I think, why isn’t Wayne singing?

And why is he so happy not singing?

(Please don’t misunderstand what I am about to say. I am by no means demeaning the singers or musicians who have the courage to get up in front of the church body and worship in front of us.)

What I’ve determined (so far, I haven’t got this figured out yet!) is that there are worship leaders and there are artists. But many times they are not the same person on the stage.

When I see the singers and musicians on the stage I recognize that they are worshiping God through their voices and instruments. But a worship leader does not worship God through their voice or instrument.

They worship God through us. We are their instrument.

Watching Wayne after the conversation with Ronnie has opened my eyes. I see Wayne and his job differently now.

I imagine him standing before the Lord, one of a thousand thousand worship leaders in the audience room described in Revelation.

I see Wayne bringing us and our praise as his offering.

And I see the Lord smile.

Then I see Wayne again at SA in front of the body of believers. I see him eyes closed, smiling, with tears flowing. I see him not singing.

And I am certain he is worshiping.

That’s what I think a worship leader does.

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