Fitting In

When I left California for the promised land of Tennessee, I knew it was the right thing to do. I still know it. What I never could have imagined was how blessed I was in California. I’m blessed here too, Praise the Lord! But recognizing what we have or had is half the battle in recognizing the grace of God in our lives. In my life.I have a tendency to be dissatisfied with the way things are. I want change – not your change; my change – and I want it now. I want enough money, enough entertainment, enough spirituality, enough intellect, enough, enough, enough. I always want.

Recognizing I already have makes all the difference. I can’t dwell on my family and friends left behind in California too long. It’s painful. What I need to recognize is that is the way it is because of Gods grace. For God so loves me that he sent my only begotten friends and family.

God dying for us is so clichĂ©. I’ve heard it before. God sending my brother or sister to me is new.

Now that I no longer have them at my finger tips, I recognize what I had. And I am prompted to thank God for his many blessings. What a blessing it is to have friends and family.

If God blessed me there, is he also blessing me here? What blessing has he given me that I have yet to recognize? One of my brothers, whom I love but was estranged from, spends more time with me now than in the last several years combined. It’s not to the point where we spend a lot of time on very personal matters, but it is time. We talk even if it’s, “Someone get the Sniper on the far bridge!”

I have a close, new relationship with my wife’s family, who generously let me live with them for several months. In many ways, they are now as much a family as my blood siblings. They never were when both of us lived in California. By the grace of God.

By the grace of God, I look forward to recognizing the blessings I have. Recognizing that they are enough.

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